• Important news about your Direct Debit

  • Our prices aren't changing until at least August 2012.  

    We're the only energy supplier to make this commitment to you. And, if we can reduce our prices before then, we will.  

    As the UK's best overall energy supplier*, we think it's only right to make sure that your monthly Direct Debit payments cover your energy costs so your account doesn't get into debt, particularly with winter fast approaching. For all of our customers that pay by monthly Direct Debit, we said we would review your payments in light of the price change. We're doing this now, so you may have received a letter from us recently, advising that your payments need to change. This is to avoid an outstanding balance when we next come to review your account.

    Based on how much energy you've used previously, we've estimated how much you'll use between now and your normal payment review date. This means if we make this change now, you won't reach your review date with a debt. If you have an outstanding balance on your account, you can make a payment online. This will help keep your payments as low as possible, just let us know so we can work out a new payment amount for you.

    Other ways to save

    Because we're committed to saving you money, we've increased the monthly Direct Debit discount to 6%**. If you haven't already, why not sign up for paperless billing? You'll get an extra 1% off your energy, as well as benefitting from lots of extra services! If you're looking for a great deal, we've also got a range of gas and electricity products you can switch to. Like iplan which comes with a free smart energy kit, or choose to fix your prices for three years, get a fixed discount or enjoy the simplicity of our standard energy online.

    We understand that there may be times when you find it difficult to pay for your energy bills. If you're on a low income, you may qualify for the Warm Home Discount scheme. You can complete an online self assessment to see if you'll qualify for the rebate. Don't worry if you don't qualify, we've got lots of other ways you can save money such as making sure your home is well insulated and reading our energy saving tips. We've also got our own online shop where you can get exclusive discounts on hundreds of energy efficient electrical goods!

  • *Atlantic is a trading name of SSE Energy Supply Limited voted Best Value for Money, Best for Customer Service, and Best Overall Energy Supplier in the uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Reports for the fifth consecutive year.

    **Pay by Direct Debit and get an annual discount of £40 per fuel, deducted from your standing charge. Choose paperless billing and get an annual discount of £6 per fuel, deducted from your standing charge - the following tariffs are excluded: energyplus Care, Woolwich Domestic Heat, EDN, EBICO and all Pay As You Go meter customers. These discounts are inclusive of VAT. 




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