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  • When we say we're an energy company that cares about making a difference, we really mean it.

    By creating jobs, paying a fair wage, investing in infrastructure and paying our taxes we make a difference every day.

    Portsmouth landscape Proud to be the first FTSE 100 company to be accredited with the Fair Tax Mark

    We're proud to have been accredited with the Fair Tax Mark. Our customers can now be assured that SSE is paying its fair share of tax and being open about how it does that.

    It's all part of our commitment to making a real difference every day.

    Wind turbine Proud to provide over 19,000 jobs in the UK

    We employ over 19,000 people and support over 100,000 jobs in the UK.

    And we're training 500 young people, spending an average of £80,000 per person to develop their talent. It's an investment in their future - and ours.

    Engineer working at height Proud to be one of the UK's largest Living Wage employers1

    All our staff are guaranteed the Living Wage, ensuring that they can cover the basic living costs such as homes, bills, food and work travel. That makes us one of the largest employers to pay the Living Wage1.

    And we're working with our suppliers to see that their staff get the same fair treatment. That's why every new eligible service or works contract we've signed since April 2014 includes an obligation for our suppliers to pay the Living Wage.

    City lights Proud to make a £9 billion contribution to the UK economy2

    Our annual contribution to the UK economy was recently estimate as £9 billion2 - equivalent in value to the 2012 London Olympics.

    In fact, we've invested over £1 billion in UK infrastructure in the past year alone and paid £1 billion in taxes since 2011.

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    1 Based on Market Capital

    2 Based on SSE's contribution in financial year 2012/13 to GDP, employment, capital expenditure and tax revenue - see PwC report on SSE's Economic Contribution to the UK, May 2014.

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    To find out more about how we're making a difference, please take a look at our corporate website.

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