• Direct Debit

  • You can use this form to let us know that you'd like to set up or make changes to a Direct Debit. All you have to do is fill in your details, select what you'd like to do and we'll sort it out for you.

    Please add any meter readings you have in the additional information box at the bottom of the form. Meter readings will help us review your account more accurately.

    If you have a Green Deal arrangement in place please be aware that your Green Deal repayments will be added to the Direct Debit amount you set on this form.


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    Use the boxes below to tell us what you want to change, for example, your payment date or how much you pay. We'll need to confirm your bank details, so please make sure you have them to hand.

    We'll need your 8-digit bank or building society account number, and your 6-digit sort code.  

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  • **If you have a fixed price tariff and pay by Direct Debit or Standing Order, you’ll get a discount of £40 a year for each fuel, when compared to another way of paying. The discount is applied to your standing charge on a pence per day basis, until your tariff ends. If you have capped prices on a standard variable tariff, your standing charge and unit rates will be reduced for paying by Direct Debit or Standing Order. Your discount will vary depending on how much energy you use, where you live and your meter type. Discounts do not apply to customers on an Energy Assist tariff or with a Pay As You Go meter.

  • Your privacy

    Your privacy

    To find out how we use the information you give us, or for details on our Privacy Notice, please click here.

  • Monthly Direct Debit's great because...

    • The cheapest way to pay for your energy*
    • You spread the cost over the year
    • You choose the day you pay
    • It's easy to manage
    • It's easy to budget
    • It's quick and simple to set up

  • Direct Debit guarantee

    Rh Direct debit

    Our Direct Debit guarantee gives you peace of mind.
    This link opens a PDF (58KB).

    View DD guarantee