• Emergency credit for pay as you go meters

  • If you find that you run out of credit don’t panic. We’ll lend you £5 emergency credit to keep you going until you top up.

     Information point  You can only use your emergency credit once your pre-paid credit is at or is below 50p.
    FAQ  How much will I need to top up to return to normal use?

    You’ll need to top up your meter with enough credit to cover the emergency credit you’ve used, any repayment on your meter and credit to cover your everyday usage.

    Using emergency electricity credit

    When you want to use your emergency credit, insert your key into the meter. When using your emergency credit, the display on your meter changes to show the letter ‘e’. It’ll also show the amount of emergency credit left.

    To return to normal use, you’ll need to credit your key. You can find out the smallest amount needed to return your meter to normal use by pressing the blue button once on your meter.

     Information point  If the key is left in the meter, the emergency credit is automatically activated if the credit drops below 50p.

    Using emergency gas credit

    When you want to use your emergency credit, insert your gas card into the meter. You’ll then be offered the emergency credit. To accept it, press the red button ‘A’.

    To return to normal use, you’ll need to charge your card. If you wish to see how much energy you’ve used, remove the gas card and press and release the red button ‘A’.

  • Please note: If you have a Green Deal agreement in place, any prices or discounts quoted do not include your Green Deal payments.

  • Phone us

    Electricity: 0800 980 0419
    Gas: 0800 980 0420
    Moving home: 0800 980 2481 

  • Where to buy credit

    Find out where to buy credit to top up your Pay As You Go meter
    PayPoint finder
    Post Office finder

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