• Pay As You Go key meter fraud

  • We all know that when something appears too good to be true, it often is. We've learnt of a doorstep fraud that offers cheap credit for your meter but will cost you more in the long run. We'd like to give you some information and advice on how to avoid being caught out.

    How it works

    Along with the other leading suppliers we've discovered a doorstep fraud. Someone will offer a top-up for your Pay As You Go key meter, usually at half the normal price.

    These people are using master keys to offer you this top-up but the credit is never paid to us. This means that when we find customers that have used one of these keys, they will need to pay us for the energy they've used.

    This means that they will be paying twice for their electricity, once to the fraudster and once to us.

    What we're doing

    We're working with the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Energy Retail Association and the other leading suppliers to launch the Top-up Safe Campaign . We'll be letting all of our Pay As You Go customers know about this in writing. But in the mean time have a look at our advice and how to prevent falling victim to key fraud:

    •  Always use an official Pay Point or Post Office to buy your top ups.
    •  If you're not sure about the person at your door, check their ID and call the energy company they are claiming to be from. No supplier will sell top ups door to door.
    • Don't let anyone put a new key in your meter unless you have an appointment booked or have been sent one in the post from your supplier.
    • If you know anyone illegally selling electricity meter top ups, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    If you suspect that you've accepted a fraudulent top-up or notice any suspicious activity, please contact us straight away. 

  • Green Deal is now closed to new applications. However, if you already have a Green Deal agreement with us, any prices or discounts we quote don't include your Green Deal payments.