• Moving house

  • Moving house can be a stressful time, so we want to help make things as easy as possible when it comes to setting up your account with us.

    No matter where you're moving to in the UK, we'll still be able to supply your energy and provide customer service you can trust.

    Moving into a house with a Pay As You Go meter

    If your new house has a gas or electricity Pay As You Go meter, we'll need some information to make sure we set up your account correctly. We'll need to know:

    • Your new address and the date you're moving
    • A meter reading from the house you're leaving
    • The meter readings from the house you're moving to

    To get the readings from the Pay As You Go meter in your new house, use the 'Cycle Display' button on the meter. Work through the displays that come up, and write down what's displayed on the screen.

    Once you've done this, contact us and we'll set up a new account for you. In some cases, we might need to arrange for your meter to be cleared of any debt left by the previous occupier.

    Once your account has been set up we'll send you a key/card so you can top up your meter. 


    Can I change the Pay As You Go meter to a credit meter?

    Yes, but we'll need to make sure a credit meter is suitable for you. Learn more about removing a Pay As You Go meter. If you'd like to arrange a meter change, then please let us know when you contact us to tell us about your house move.

  • Green Deal is now closed to new applications. However, if you already have a Green Deal agreement with us, any prices or discounts we quote don't include your Green Deal payments.