• Topping up your Pay As You Go meter

  • A Pay As You Go meter uses your money in two ways:

    • To pay for your energy as you use it
    • To pay towards any money you may owe from past bills

    Your Pay As You Go meter has a digital display which shows how much credit is left for you to use. It's a good idea to check the display regularly so you know when you need to top up.

    Make sure you keep your meter topped up, or your gas or electricity supply may stop unexpectedly. But don't worry, we'll lend you emergency credit in case you're not able to top up your meter straight away.

    Where to top up

    You can top up your gas key and electricity card wherever you see the purple and yellow PayPoint sign, or at the Post Office. To find out where your nearest PayPoint site is, take a look at the PayPoint finder. Or, to find out where your nearest Post Office is, take a look at the Post Office finder. Remember to keep your receipts each time you've topped up. This will help us resolve any queries you may have later on.


    Information point From time to time, we may add messages to the back of your receipts to let you know about changes and offers. Make sure you check them, or you might miss out on a good deal!


    Transferring the credit to your meter

    Once you've topped up your electricity key or gas card, you'll need to transfer the credit to your meter.


    Electricity icon  


    Insert the key into the meter with the arrow pointing upwards. Leave the key in the meter until the display changes to show how much credit you've purchased.

    Gas icon  


    Insert the card into the meter with the gold chip facing towards the meter display. Press the red 'A' button. At this point, any arrears you owe will be deducted.

    The meter may ask you to check your gas appliances are switched off (if the valve has been closed) - this is a safety feature. If your appliances are off, press and hold the red 'A' button until the valve opens, you should be able to hear this opening and the display should change to 'ON'. The meter will then show you how much credit you have left for gas.


    If you've tried transferring the credit to your meter but it hasn't worked, wipe your key or card with a clean dry cloth and try again. If it still fails to load the credit onto your meter, please contact us and we'll be able to help you.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Can I top up my Pay As You Go meter online?

    We don't currently offer this facility, however it will be available with the introduction of Pay As You Go smart meters.

    Can I top up my Pay As You Go meter over the phone?

    No, you can only buy credit for your meter at your local Paypoint outlet or Post Office. Remember that you'll have a small amount of emergency credit you can use if you can't top up your meter straight away. When you next go to buy credit, you will have to top up enough to repay whatever emergency credit you've used.

    I've lost my key/card - how can I get a new one?

    If you've lost your key or card, please call us on 0345 073 7974 for electricity or 0345 073 7975 for gas. We'll arrange a new one to be sent to you. Please note that we may charge you for a replacement key or card.

    How do I find out what price I’m paying?

    Check out our prices page for our current prices.

  • Green Deal is now closed to new applications. However, if you already have a Green Deal agreement with us, any prices or discounts we quote don't include your Green Deal payments.