• Switching Supplier FAQs

  • We have put together a list of frequently asked questions incase you need any more information on switching supplier.

  • First steps to switching supplier

    What do I need to do if I want to switch to you?

    First choose the tariff you want then click the 'apply now' button. Or you can call us on 0345 026 7036*.

    I’ve just signed up to join you - when will you start supplying me?

    It normally takes 21 days to switch. We’ll contact you to let you know the exact date. Take a look at our switching pages for more information on the process.

    I've decided to join you as my new supplier. Will you tell my current supplier that I'm leaving?

    Yes, we will let your current supplier know that you are leaving them.

  • Just before you've joined us

    When do you need my meter readings?

    A few days before we start supplying your energy, we'll send you a confirmation letter. Included in this are details of how to give us your meter readings. We'll need you to advise us of these within five days of us taking over your supply to ensure that you receive accurate bills from the start.

    When will I receive my first bill?

    Most customers receive their first bill within the first three months after your supply starts with us.

    Will my supply be interrupted when I change over?

    No, your supply will not be interrupted at any time.

  • Once you're with us

    My opening meter reading is estimated - how can I get it changed?

    Take a meter reading straight away. If you have it, we’ll also need a meter reading from around the time you changed over to us. When you’ve got your meter readings, contact us. The meter readings will help us to make sure your opening read is correct.
    If you don’t have a meter reading from when you changed over to us, don’t worry. Just take a meter reading today and another one in five days time, then contact us. We’ll use your readings to work out your average daily use and change the opening reading in line with it.

    Why is my old supplier still billing me?

    It normally takes 21 days to switch. We then send the meter readings we’ve used to open your account to your old supplier. Your old supplier then has to agree the readings with us and send your final bill. This bill should only go up to the date that you joined us and to the meter reading we opened your account with.


    *We may monitor your call to help improve our customer service and ensure we meet our regulatory and legal responsibilities.