• Our Customer Charter

  • We've always led the way on customer service, and recently we've been busy putting all our efforts into making it simpler, more transparent and better value for you. We were the first energy company to stop doorstep selling. First to simplify tariffs. And first to launch a Customer Charter.

    But we want to do more. That's what our new Customer Charter is all about. Following conversations with customers, and our independently chaired Customer Forums, we have identified the areas you want us to focus on:

    • Making life easier for you
    • Finding ways to save you money
    • Helping you when you need us most

    Our charter explains what we're doing to help you in each of these areas. 

    PDF icon PDF file: Our Domestic Customer Charter (10.65MB)

    Our Customer Service Guarantee

    Our Charter also outlines our new Customer Service Guarantee. We're the first energy firm to go above and beyond the regulator's Guaranteed Standards and offer our customers our own £20 Service Guarantee. For each of the five commitments detailed in our Customer Service Guarantee that we fail to meet, let us know and we'll put the matter right and take £20 off your next bill*.

    PDF icon PDF file: Our Customer Service Guarantee (210KB)


    *We will consider claims made under this Guarantee and determine their validity. Claim considered where: (i) customer provided and will continue to provide relevant and required information; (ii) claim is made within 10 working days of alleged failure; (iii) the claimant is an existing customer; (iv) the alleged failure was not outside our control; (v) a goodwill payment has not already been awarded to the customer in relation to the same incident. Although we will endeavour to find ways to help the customer save money and offer support (if sought), we cannot be held liable if savings are not made or if a product, discount, tariff, deal, service or form of assistance was/is not available or if it was/is deemed inappropriate to review such matters. £20 discount is a goodwill payment and will be applied to customer accounts or meters as appropriate or applicable. If the customer has more than one account with us the discount will be applied to an account at our discretion. Cash payments may be made at our discretion. We reserve the right to alter, amend or withdraw this Guarantee without prior notice.  

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