• Help using our website

  • We want our website to be accessible to all. Here are some tips about how to use it.

    Getting around our website

    You can get around our website with our navigation menus: 

    • Choose a section from the drop down menus at the top of the page. When you click on a section, the rest of the pages in it will then be displayed on the left hand side menu.
    • You can also choose a section from the footer at the bottom of every page. 

    If you want to get around our website without using a mouse, simply use the TAB button on your keyboard to cycle through the links. When you've reached the link you want, press ENTER to go to the page.

    Changing the text size

    You can change the size of the text on our website in three ways: 

    1. Use your Internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc) - find the option under the 'view' menu (found on the menu bar across the top of your browser). The option may be called 'text size', 'zoom' or similar. Once you've clicked on it, you can then choose the size best for you.
    2. Use your keyboard and mouse - hold down CTRL and roll the mouse wheel up or down to change the text size. 
    3. Use your keyboard - hold down CTRL and the '+' button to increase text size or CTRL and the '-' button to decrease the text size. 

    Using your own style sheets

    You can use your own style sheets in Internet Explorer by doing the following:

    1. Click on the 'Tools' menu with the mouse or press ALT + 'T'.
    2. Click on 'Internet options', or press 'O'.
    3. In the box that opens, click 'Accessibility' or press ALT + 'E'.
    4. In the next box that opens, click the checkbox next to 'Format documents using my style sheet' or press ALT + 'D'. Then click ‘browse’ or press ALT + ‘B’ to bring up the box that allows you to browse for your style sheet.
    5. Once you've found it, double click or TAB onto it, press ENTER and return back to the Accessibility box.
    6. Click 'Ok' or press TAB until the 'Ok' button is highlighted and press ENTER to return to Internet Explorer.

    About external links and PDF documents

    Any links we have to external websites will open in a new browser window. Links to PDF documents will also open in a new browser window. 

    Most computers will open PDF files automatically. If yours doesn't, you may need to download Adobe Reader by visiting the Adobe website.

    Getting help to understand your bill

    We can provide your bill in a number of formats including large print, Braille or talking bills. 

    To find out more or register for any of these services, please contact our Priority Services team on 0800 622 838. You can also contact us by Textphone on 0800 622 839.

    Let us know

    We're always working to improve our website. If you're having problems or have a suggestion of what we can do to improve accessibility, please contact us.

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