• Priority Services

  • Priority Services is a free service that is there to help you if you're elderly, disabled, have special medical needs.  

    You can benefit from a range of priority services from braille bills and textphone to password schemes. Find out what we can do for you.

    If you need additional help from us, you may be able to register for help from other utility companies. For example, water suppliers may offer similar services to ours. Contact your water supplier and ask them about any extra help and support they can give you.

  • Visiting your property

    We try to visit you twice a year to take meter readings. But there could be times when you’ve asked us to send a meter reader or engineer. All our staff carry identification to prove that it’s safe to let them in your home.

    Because we want you to feel comfortable and secure when we call, we offer additional services to give you extra peace of mind.

    Knock and wait: If you find it difficult to answer your door quickly, don’t worry. With our ‘knock and wait’ service we’ll let our staff know that you need a little longer to answer the door. 

    Password scheme: We offer a free password scheme to protect you against bogus callers. We’ll make sure your password is only given to our staff  members who need to know it. They’ll say your password when they call so you’ll know it’s safe to let them into your home.

    Medical equipment

    We know how important your energy supply is, especially if you rely on it for medical equipment.

    We can’t always predict when a storm or emergency situation may cause a power cut. But we can help with our Priority Services Register. We can make sure that your local network operator is aware you rely on your supply. They’ll do their utmost to prevent your supply from going off and, if it does, they’ll make sure that you get your power back on as a matter of urgency.

    We’ll add you to the Priority Services Register if you rely on one or more of the following:

    • Home dialysis machine
    • Oxygen concentrator
    • Artificial ventilator
    • Stairlift
    • Adjustable bed

    Once you’ve registered, your local network operator will let you know about any planned power cuts or essential maintenance in your area. And they’ll make every effort to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

    Understanding your bill

    We understand that you might not always be able to read your bills and if that’s the case, don’t worry. We can provide your bill in a number of formats to suit you. 

    Large print bills: If you have trouble reading your bill, we can send it to you in larger print.

    Talking bills: If you’re partially sighted or blind, our talking bill service can help. One of our advisers will call you, read a summary of your bill and answer any questions you may have.

    Braille bills: If you’d like your bills and letters in braille, just let us know.

    Textline: If you’re a textphone user, you can call Textline on 0800 622 839. We’re open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 2pm on Saturday.

    Relay service: This service is available nationally and allows you to make and receive calls in text format. If you use this service, we’ll ensure you’re charged no more than if you’d called us directly.

    Help from others: If you have a friend, family member or carer to help you, we can arrange to send all bills and correspondence to them.

    Specialist devices and adaptors

    There are many special devices and adaptors available to make it easier for you to use controls, plugs and switches in your home.

    We can recommend where to buy these from and, when available, we may even be able to supply them free of charge to our Careline members.

    Bump-ons: These are self-adhesive dots you can stick on to appliances. For example, they can mark different temperatures or programmes on a washing machine.

    Braille: Some manufacturers offer braille appliance controls for blind or partially sighted customers.

    Control handles: These fit over the top of existing controls, making them easier to turn.

    Special plugs: Some plugs come with handles to make it easier to plug in and pull out your appliances.

    Power point raiser: These move your sockets so you can reach them without having to bend down.

    Rocker switches: These large switches are easier for some people to use, because you can nudge them on and off with your elbow or arm.

    Touch-sensitive controls: These don't need pressure to work as they detect your body's warmth.

    Switch sticks: These small plastic levers stick on to existing light switches to make them easier to use.

    Registering for Priority Services Register

    To receive any of the services the Priority Services Register provides, you just need to call our Careline.

    It’s simple - you can:

    Call us on: 0800 622 838*
    Call us by Textphone: 0800 622 839


    *We may monitor your call to help improve our customer service and ensure we meet our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

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