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    Our broadband product and charges PDFs describe the product features and our charges:

    PDF icon PDF file: Unlimited Broadband Products and Charges (77KB)

    Our talk Complete Price List PDFs are below:

    PDF icon PDF file: talk standard (non fixed term) charges and tariffs information effective from 7 March 2014 (269KB)

    PDF icon PDF file: talk fixed term contract charges and tariffs information sold on or after 16 April 2013 effective from 7 March 2014 (278KB)

    Most computers will open PDF files automatically. If not, you may need to download Adobe Reader. To do this, please visit the Adobe website.


  • 1. Broadband packages are only available to residential customers with a BT line for which a monthly line rental will be applied. This service is provided for domestic use only. All prices quoted include VAT.
    2. The contract period for all broadband packages above is 18 months.
    3. The payment method for broadband is by Direct Debit only and standard charges include quarterly paper bills. If this payment method is not maintained we will apply a further charge per month to cover the additional costs. The current level of this charge, charges for other billing preferences and other administrative charges that may be applicable in certain circumstances are set out in the broadband products and charges information on our website.
    4. A one-off connection fee of £29.98 applies if you do not already have a broadband supplier or, if you do, but cannot provide a valid Migration Authorisation Code (MAC).
    5. Termination Charges: after the statutory cooling off period a charge of £80 applies if the broadband contract is terminated before the service is started. Once the service starts, a cancellation charge of £8 per remaining month of the contract applies if the broadband contract is terminated early. Details are set out in our broadband products and charges information available on our website.
    6. We offer a discounted price for broadband customers who take our talk product in addition to broadband. In these circumstances, if your talk agreement with us ends, your broadband price will default to our ‘broadband only’ price. Line rental will continue to be payable to your new telephone service provider for use of the line as the line must remain active on the BT (Openreach) network throughout your broadband contract.
    7. We provide all our broadband customers with a personalised speed test which gives an estimate of the download speeds customers are likely to experience.  Our estimate is based purely on the distance of your house to the nearest telephone exchange and does not take into account your computer, internal wiring, electrical interferences and network traffic that may affect your speed
    8. No usage restrictions are applied by us as a provider. The factors affecting the amount of data you can download/upload on any given day will be determined by your maximum line speed using an ADSL 1 product as well as network capacity. Adverse weather conditions, internal wiring, network congestion and technical restrictions of your browsing device, may all affect your data usage and are beyond our control.
    9. Broadband Terms and Conditions apply, including adherence to our Broadband Acceptable Use Policy. Both of these documents can be found on our website.

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