• Hunt is on for rightful owners of unclaimed credits on 'closed accounts'

  • Will Morris, Group Managing Director, Retail

    When a customer closes their account with us, for example because they've moved home or switched to a different supplier, sometimes credit is left on their account. In nine out of 10 cases, we're able to return any outstanding credit to them automatically – either by a transfer direct into their bank account or a cheque in the post, depending on how they chose to pay.

    However, there are occasions when – despite our best efforts – we're unable to do this because we simply have no way of finding them. For example, they have moved home without leaving a forwarding address. 

    In most cases, the money left behind is typically less than £50, but we do our utmost to return it, by sending cheques to their last known address or trying to find a forwarding address or relative, for instance, and can spend a good deal of time and resources in the process. Sometimes, however, it really is impossible to track people down.

    And although all energy suppliers encounter this problem, until now they have never come together to appeal for customers to come forward so we can return the credit to them.

    So, working with our trade body Energy UK and the regulator Ofgem, we've agreed a new plan of action to step up our efforts to find the customers we've lost over the years.

    Between March and May this year we saw a 30% increase compared to the same period in 2013 in the amount of credits we returned to customers as a result of what we're already doing. Today we're announcing a set of common measures to go even further, both to return the funds we already have and to ensure that more funds do not build up in the future.

    We will join with Energy UK to launch My Energy Credit - a national awareness campaign to reunite customers with any outstanding balances. I'd urge anyone who may have moved without giving us a forwarding address or switched to a new supplier and cancelled their Direct Debit before receiving a refund to contact us.   

    This is your money and it's important you get it back. Our customer service teams can look into your old accounts to check if there are any remaining balances owned and refund them but we need your help. 

    At SSE, no matter how much time passes, we always view any credit as belonging to the customer who paid it.

    In addition, we will be establishing a fund were we will deposit any future unclaimed credits. We will kickstart this fund with payments of £8.8million over the next two years. This money will then be used to support vulnerable customers in a variety of ways, ensuring that any credits will go towards helping those that need it the most.

    In summary, we want to do all we can to ensure that as much of the outstanding credit finds its way back to the customer who paid it. But we won't find everyone by ourselves. That's why we need you to come forward if you think you might have left money behind with us in the past. Please fill in the simple form available here, and if we can track down and verify some money that belongs to you, we'll be absolutely delighted to return it.

  • More information

    I believe I'm owed a credit on a closed account. What should I do?

    If you believe you're due a credit from a previous account that you've had with SSE Atlantic that is now closed, then we'd like to hear from you. Your account will require investigation to determine if a credit is due, so please call us on 0345 072 4348

    Alternatively, if you would like to fill out a few simple details using our online form, one of our specialist advisers will then investigate your claim and respond as soon as possible and in the majority of cases within five working days.

    I'm not with SSE anymore, who should I contact?

    Even if you are no longer an SSE customer, if you were in the past and think you've left a credit behind then please get in touch.

    I may have a credit with another supplier, who should I contact?

    If you think you may be owed a credit from a previous supplier, more details on how to get in touch with them can be found through the My Energy Credit website.

    What are the new common actions?

    Through Energy UK, all energy suppliers have agreed to a common set of minimum actions to help ensure as many credits are returned to customers as possible. While at SSE we're already doing many of these things, a joint effort and common practice across the industry will help ensure more customers are reunited with their money. The ten common actions are listed at Energy UK's website.

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