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  • We're part of the government's midata scheme. midata will make it easier for you to access your customer data and will give you the power to make informed decisions about your energy accounts and tariffs.

    midata is about more than just your energy, it's about giving the public more control and access to their personal data. From banking to health and energy to getting a new job, this new way of accessing personal data will revolutionise the way consumers go about their daily lives.

    For more information about the midata scheme, have a look at the Department of Business Innovation & Skills website.

  • General midata information

    What is midata?

    The Government set out its plans for midata in the consumer empowerment strategy ‘Better Choices: Better Deals’ published in April 2011.

    midata is a partnership between the UK government's Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), consumer groups and major businesses. The aim of midata is to give individuals access to the data created through their household utility use, banking, internet transactions and high street loyalty cards.

    For more information about midata, look at our midata page or head to the BIS website.


    How will midata help me and my energy accounts?

    You'll be able to download data about your historic usage and predicted future usage with the associated costs. This will in turn make it simpler to compare your energy deal with the other deals available on the energy market. This means you'll have the power and information to get exactly what you need from your energy supplier and can always be sure you're on the right deal for you.

    What if I'm on a tariff that has more than one rate, such as Economy 7?

    You'll still be able to access midata if your tariff is Economy 7, or any other kind of tariff that requires a two or three rate meter. Your usage will show as one overall figure, rather than being broken down into two or more usage sets such as 'Day' and 'Night', for example.

    This current format has been agreed by Energy UK and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

    Will all energy suppliers be part of midata? 

    The energy sector has been at the forefront with many suppliers already giving customers electronic access to their transaction data, but at the moment being part of the midata scheme isn't compulsory. midata started as a proposal from the BIS and the government will be looking at whether it's viable for it to be compulsory for all businesses that hold customer data.

    We thought this was a great idea and goes hand-in-hand with our Building Trust agenda, which aims to make everything to do with energy and bills clearer, simpler and more honest.

  • Using midata

    What do I need to do to make the most of midata?

    As the data you download is based on your usage, it would be worth making sure we have regular meter readings to make your data as accurate as possible. 

    How do I access my midata file?

    To access your midata file, you'll need to log in to your online account. If you don't have an online account yet, you can register for one now.

    Once you've logged in, you'll need to look at the 'Your accounts' tab. If you'd like your midata file for both gas and electricity, you'll need to look at each account under the 'Your accounts' tab. You'll notice 'Your midata information' in the list of expandable options, so click on the arrow to expand this. Simply read the terms and conditions, tick the box to confirm you've read them and click the 'Download midata' button.

    You will then be asked whether you would like to open or save your midata file. Whichever option you choose, midata works best in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office Excel (you can use other applications such as Word, but the data is easiest to read in a spreadsheet). Using a spreadsheet will also enable you to upload your data for comparisons with other suppliers.

    Why is midata created in a downloadable CSV file? 

    This is to make comparing your current tariff to other tariffs and suppliers easier for you. You won't need to re-key all your consumption data into form after form, as the forms will be auto-populated with your data. This also reduces the risk of mistyping information and your quote not being accurate.

    This file works best with a spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Office Excel), although will work with other applications.

    How often will my midata be updated? 

    The file will be updated once your annual statement has been produced, so this will be once a year.

    Why can't my midata file be created?

    As the data comes from your annual statement, you'll need to have been a customer with us for at least a year to get your annual consumption data. If you haven't been with us for a full year yet, you won't be able to get your data.

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