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    • Save time - it's quick and easy to view your statements online
    • Save space - no more drawers full of old bills
    • Save paper - do your bit for the environment

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  • We're always working to improve our online services to make things easier for you and giving you more time to do things the things you want to.

    There are many benefits to paperless billing, including less clutter for you. And we'll send you an email when your bill is ready to view.

    How to switch to paperless

    Changing to paperless is easy, here's how:

    If you already have an online account:
    1. Click on one of your accounts.
    2. Click on the 'statement type' option.
    3. You can then choose 'paperless' and do this for each of your accounts.
    If you don't have an online account:
    1. Use our online form to register for an online account - it's simple and secure.
    2. You'll need the following to hand:
      1. Your name
      2. Your telephone number
      3. Your email address
      4. Your 10 digit customer account number
    3. After you've activated your online account, please remember to attach your energy accounts to your online profile.
  • I need more help with this

  • How do I set up and manage an online account?

    I want to view my bills and manage my account online. How do I do this?

    We have a wide range of ways you can pay your bill. Pay by monthly Direct Debit and get a discount per fuel, per year.*

    Is your online billing system secure?

    Yes - you don't need to worry about anyone else having access to your account details. If at any point you think anyone has learned your password then we’d advise you change it to something no one else knows as soon as you can.

    What programs do I need on my computer to get the most from your website?

    Our website is designed to work with the minimum of fuss. The only additional programs you might need are an up-to-date media player to see our videos and a PDF file reader such as Adobe to view some documents. We'll never request that you download any software directly from our site.

    I’m trying to link my energy account to my online account. But the websites tells me it’s already been attached, what’s happened?

    You may have attached your energy account to another online account. It might be an old email address you don’t use anymore.

    Or it could be another bill payer in your home that’s attached the energy account to their own online account. You should check with them.

    If you’re still having problems, contact us.

    I have an online account – can I view my previous bills online?

    You’ll only be able to view your bills online from the date you've registered for an online account. Once you've registered, your bills will be kept for two years. You can always save the PDF version of your bills to your computer. If you need a copy of an older bill, please contact us.

    How do I change the email address you send my bills to?

    Log in to your account, then go to 'About you'. You can change the email address you want us to use for your future bills.

    Can I print my bill as proof of my address?

    Your bills will appear exactly the same as if we’d posted them to you. Just log into your online account and select ‘Your accounts’. Under ‘View your bill (PDF)’ you can view your bill in PDF format and print it.

  • Green Deal is now closed to new applications. However, if you already have a Green Deal agreement with us, any prices or discounts we quote don't include your Green Deal payments.

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    You can do a lot of everyday tasks online:

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    • View your bills
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